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You won’t be getting your daily dose of fruit ‘n’ veg from this dozy store owner!

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Tuna & Mayo


Le Big Mac

A hard to find fast food restaurant chain in Paris – Mc Donald’s

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Holy Metro

Jeebus :  ‘If you want to be perfect,  go, travel the metro and give to the poor, you will have treasure in Galleries Lafayette. Then come,  follow me to Fauchon.’
-Matthew 19:219

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Parisians can enjoy a good curry too y’know!

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Spik Engrish?

Mc Donald’s international super food store in Paris has issues with their Engrish!

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Royale With Cheese

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If you’re looking for a variety of luxury goods all under one roof then I suggest you head over to Galleries Lafayette, Paris’ most famous department store. As you enter you may well be stunned by the beauty of the ceiling but keep your eyes ahead of you as to avoid bumping into the crowd of Japanese tourists heading your way.

Once you’ve dragged yourself up and down the six floors crammed with hideous, overpriced and quite comical fashion items you’ll most probably be needing a sit down, something to quench your thirst and possibly a bite to eat.

According to their website Galleries Lafeyette offers a wide selection of restaurants and cafés throughout the store catering to all tastes.
You’ll find Chinese and Japanese eateries and a self-service café on the 6th floor, patisserie and tea shop on the 3rd, a wine and champagne bar on the 1st floor, a sandwich shop on the 5th, not forgetting the espresso bar on ground level.

Ah, they seem to have omitted to mention the Mc Donalds on the 5th Floor opposite the baggage department.
Silly them, look, there’s even the token homeless person taking a nap!

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Paris, the magical city of lights.
Internationally renowned for its exceptional restaurants, stunning fashion shows, exquisite art expos, historical architecture and gourmet food stores.

Speaking of gourmet epiceries, don’t miss the opportunity to sample the treats on display at this particular rat infested delicatessen.

Bon Appetit!

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